Monday, February 1, 2010

Valentine's Day Idea................4......

Massage Night

Affection for your partner can be shown in different ways, but none are quite as personal as a massage. A massage can be one of the most sensual moments you can share with your partner. It has even been referred to as a dance of love with your fingertips. Not a surprise, considering the skin is the largest sensory organ in the body!

Ingredients of the Romantic Massage

You'll need some type of oil or lotion. Fragrant oils are fine, but keep in mind your partner's sensitivity to smells or skin irritations. Also check to see if they are allergic to any kind of oils, lotions or scents. If you'd rather not use the oils or lotions, try cornstarch.

Next, you'll need to decide on a location. A sturdy tabletop padded with foam or blankets should work great, otherwise, try a padded floor.

Allow for no distractions! This means unplug the phone and arrange for no one else to be in the house. Make sure you have easy and comfortable access to both the right and left sides of your partner's body and that the temperature is comfortably warm.

You'll also need a towel or two to wipe your hands or your partner.

The most enticing part of a massage can often be the atmosphere in which it is presented. Play some soft relaxing classical, jazz or "mood" music in the background. You can play anything without any harsh rhythms or words. Candlelight, incense and flowers are wonderful mood setters as well. Take your time, and make sure you have plenty of pillows and comfortable blankets. Consider it your temple of love.

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